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The Dessert Matt Preston Loves Only Has TWO Ingredients

We all learned something about Paul on Monday morning.

In fact, we also learned something about Masterchef’s Matt Preston.

“There is something I love to eat and I think the reason I love to eat it is because you told me how to put it together,” Paul said.

Preston responded as if he had a legit moment of mental telepathy.

“Ahh yes,” he said.

“Coco Pops with…” Paul said as Preston finished the delicious sentence: “…whipped cream”.

“It’s unbelievably delicious,” Preston said before explaining that it came from his “posh” grandmother, who didn’t understand breakfast cereal.

“So she went ‘everyone has breakfast cereal with milk, we’re posh, we’ll give our spoilt grandson the whipped cream with the breakfast cereal,’ and it’s delicious!”

Preston went on to describe it as the "best bit of an ice-cream sundae without the ice-cream".

“Just quietly, Matt,” Paul said.

“Chicks bloody love it when you whip that up into a little bowl”

Check out the vid up top 

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