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The Eagles Have A ‘Wheel Of Punishment’ And... Say What Now

Podcasts are kind of all the rage, and one that’s super close to 96FM’s heart is by the West Coast Eagles – particularly as Eagles BACKChat is recorded at 96FM.


Before we got to some Nic Nat chat, Paul & Lise wanted to address a couple of things that were talked about on the podcast… one thing was something that isn’t really talked about in the mainstream media

So Paul & Lise put it to Elliot Yeo on Thursday.

“What’s the Punishment Wheel?” Lise asked.

Yeo said it was a fundraising tool used among the players where if a player does something wrong, they can spin the wheel and either cash out the punishment – or take it.

 “I got one not that long ago and [the punishment] was Ultra Death sauce,” Yeo said.

“I read the back of the label and it was like ‘900 times hotter than a jalapeno’ and I was like what have I got myself into.”

Check the video up top to hear what happened

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