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Only Public Toilets At Cottesloe Beach Have Been Locked

Cottesloe… the saga continues... but now, it's personal. Really personal. 

In a move that has left toilet-goers reeling, particularly just months out from summer, Indiana has shut the loos underneath the restaurant.

And no one knows when, or if, they’ll reopen.

Thing is, they’re the only public toilets at the beach, which is also a super-popular tourist spot.

But, what was a surprise to Paul & Lise, the loos are actually part of Indiana’s lease – that Indiana has no obligation to operate a public toilet facility.

“I’ve always assumed they were public toilets,” Paul said on Monday.


Indiana director Chris Taylor said in a statement that the restaurant has - at their expense - operated these facilities for the term of the lease and, due to the operating costs such as cleaning and maintenance, this expense has now exhausted.

A Town of Cottesloe spokeswoman said responsibility for the toilets lay with Indiana, which held the lease over the entire building. The lease allowed the company to use part of the building to provide public toilets but did not require them to be open, meaning the decision to close them did not constitute a breach of the lease, Perthnow reported.

“The entire building is leased to Indiana Tea House Pty Ltd — any decision to open or close the toilets is theirs,” she said.

 “The town cannot compel or require Indiana Tea House Pty Ltd to keep the toilets open.”

She said the town had offered to take over the cleaning of the toilets but portable loos might be brought in.

 “So, they’ve put the locks on it,” Lise said. “They’ve locked it down.”

Lise also got slight Nostradamus on the issue and predicted what was going to happen.

“If you’re a parent, and you’ve got nowhere to take your kid, you are going to say four words to your kid: do it right there.”

Picture credit: Danella Bevis

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