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The Password “Password” Is More Common That We Ever Thought

A security audit has found that 26 per cent of WA government officials have alarmingly weak passwords.

And we mean really lazy. Like they were probably wondering why they were getting hacked.

Like, out of 234,000 workers across 17 government agencies, 5,000 used “password” as their password.

Thing is, back to the report, many of these accounts are used to access important information and vital government systems, some remotely, with no additional vetting or credentials.

On Friday, Lise admitted she has the one password for everything.

“If you know that password, you can get into my computer, my phone, my bank, my house.”

Paul chimed in “I think I know that password”.

So we threw open the phones to gauge if Lise was the only one, or are basic passwords unsettlingly common?

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