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The Perfect Pour That Made The Studio Freak TF Out

Not gonna lie, the entire studio is still recovering from a collective stroke during Paul & Lise’s Perfect Pour on Wednesday morning.

At the 96FM bowser, contestants squeeze the trigger, which activates the numbers (like pumping petrol for real) - only letting go when they think they’ve hit $10.

Hit $10, get $10K.

So, back to what happened on Wednesday.

Just after 8am, Cheriese from Applecross came into the studio to try her hand at winning the ten grand.

Then. It happened.



Check out the reaction up top. Upsetting doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Fancy giving $10K a shot, like our other winners Rob from Applecross, Andrew from Munster and Shari from Willetton?

Click here to register!

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