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The Sport Elliot Yeo Gave Up On After Only A Few Weeks

Being an elite athlete, it’s almost jarring to hear that Elliot Yeo gave up on one fitness pursuit after just a few weeks.

The West Coast halfback admitted to the fitness fail with Paul & Lise on Wednesday.

He explained that he, as a 17-year-old, had saved up while ‘dish pigging’ for his Dad and dropped some serious cash on a road bike.

“I had a mate who had a road bike as well and we were riding around Perth but I thought we’d do it a little bit more than what we did.”

“How much was the bike?” Lise asked.

“It was about $1800,” Yeo said.

“Oh my God,” Paul said.

But it seemed that despite getting “fully kitted”, Yeo quickly lost interest.

“I only used it about 10-15 times,” he said.

Paul said that turned out to be “more than $100 a ride”

Lise asked what he did with the bike, and we found out that Yeo did what a lot of us do.

“Sold it on Gumtree”

Ahh, Eagles players, they’re just like us.

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