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The Voice's Sam Perry Admits He's 'Here To Stir The Pot'

For those who haven’t been watching The Voice, let’s get you up to speed.

Mullaloo lad Sam Perry is easily the most controversial contestant in the competition.

Even Boy George has thrown shade at the ‘vocal loop artist’, questioning the fairness of Perry being on a singing show.

“You’re a red sock in a white wash,” George had said.

"This is The Voice and you’re not really a singer."

Perry joined Jako and Lise in the studio on Tuesday

“It’s great, I’m getting recognised for my music,” said the 28-year-old, who has been looping for about five years.

“I’m getting followers and fans and opportunities, that’s why I’m here.”

For someone that’s only just experiencing mainstream exposure, Perry already seems to have mastered having any criticism wash over him.

“It’s fine, I think they see the looping station and just presume I push a button and it does everything for me, when it actually takes…”

…a lot of work,” Jako said.

“Absolutely,” Perry said.

“But I get it,” he continued.

“There’s a lot of controversy, but that’s the whole point, I’m here to stir the pot.”

Perry said that he wouldn’t be in the competition just singing - that wasn’t him.

“I’m a loop artist and it’s a platform for me to show what I can do.”

Perry also spoke about what is had been like to deal with being recognised and old schoolmates and acquaintances who had been coming out of the woodwork on Facebook.

Standing where Paul would normally sit (he’s still away ill), Perry was able to use Paul’s looper (which is often used during the Paul & Lise show) to give listeners an on-the-fly performance.

“It’s got to be from the 80s,” he said about Paul’s looper.

“It’s got to be the first one they ever [made].”

During the song break just before Jako & Lise introduced Perry, he managed to work out the unfamiliar looper and briefly practiced before giving us the ad-hoc performance live-to-air.

Impressed? You bloody betcha we were.

Check out the vid up top.

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