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This 96FM Listener Has Had His Sunnies For HOW Long?

What's the longest you've had your sunglasses for? 

On Friday, Paul gloated that it was the first time he'd hit 12 months without losing or breaking his sunnies.

"This is a record for me," he said.

"What I usually do is that if someone's going to Bali, I'll say here's $20 can you get me as many pairs as you can.

"I mean, I break them, I leave them on the roof of the car, I sit on them."

Lise couldn't compete, she couldn't remember the last time she had a pair for longer than a month. 

Thing is, Paul was pretty pumped that he had managed to keep his current sunnies - bought from a chemist in Canning Vale - for almost a year. 

So we opened the phones to see if anyone could beat Paul's sunglasses PB.

It seems that a year was nothing.

Check out the vid up top

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