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Goodstart Childcare Centres Kick Off 'Date Nights'

For parents of young children, finding time to have a “date night” is one thing but finding a sitter can totally be another.

One childcare provider totally gets this, and over the weekend, Goodstart Early Learning centres trialled a new concept where kiddos could be minded at night time.

For $20 per child, Date Nights lets enrolled children and their siblings be booked in after dark on Friday and Saturday night for three hours while their parents could slip out and enjoy some alone time.

The concept was introduced by Goodstart after listening to parents who felt they had lost their “we time” after having children.

Lise was totally down for this idea.

“so they had educators there, and it was literally for parents who, like all of us, you work, you come home, you do more work at home and you go to sleep… that’s it,” she said.

“You don’t kind of have any quality time and if you do want to go out, you’re paying babysitters or getting your parents or neighbours to help or whatever.”

Lise also mentioned the fact that kids that already go to that childcare centre would already be pretty comfortable there.

Paul took it a step further.

“Is there a facility to pick them up the next day?” he joked.

“Depending how things go?”

Lise went on to say why it was such a great idea.

“I always said, you know, these daycare centres should be open for people who do shift work and stuff like that," she said.

“But the problem is, these amazing women and men that look after our kids… they need to be paid more money.”

Paul couldn’t have agreed more, but he was also incensed over how it was even possible that childcare was so expensive, yet the workers looking after our kids were continually paid “crap money”.

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