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‘I Got Hate Mail When Patrick Died’

When Lawrence Leung got the script for his first appearance on Offspring, he didn’t know the storm he was walking into.

Leung played Dr Elvis Kwan, who took over from Asher Keddie’s character Nina Proudman when she took maternity leave from St Francis Hospital.

“My character role happened on the same episode that the beloved Dr Patrick died,” he told 96FM's Paul & Lise.

While it was a massive moment for the show, Leung said he copped "hate mail" from some fans.

“I was getting people in supermarkets saying to me ‘so the writers replaced Patrick with you?’”

Leung said that he didn’t know that the cliff-hanger twist was to happen in his first episode, despite having the script.

“I only received my scenes because, of course, it was a secret.”  

“That was horrible for you,” Lise said before Leung laughed.

“What, that people thought I wasn’t as handsome?” he said.

“Well, every time I get cast in a new TV show I go ‘alright, which hot guy am I replacing?’”

Check out the video up top.

Some tickets are still available to Leung’s show The Man Who Stopped For A Sandwich, at the Astor on Friday night as part of the Perth Comedy Festival.

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