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This Perth Bloke Has One Of Most Majestic Mullets Ever

On Thursday night, Lise headed to the Grand Central Hotel in Midland to catch the Diesel gig.

While she had a great time, something else caught her eye.

In fact, she said it was so good she was compelled to take a picture.

It was a mullet.

Wait, wait, Lise actually described as “the most amazing mullet”.

“It was in a ponytail,” she said.

“…and he undid the ponytail and he let loose a lock of hair that went down halfway…” she continued before she was cut off by Paul who, upon seeing the picture, simply let out a “wow, it’s spectacular.”

Lise said she asked Jamie how long he had been growing it for.

“And he said, ‘since Britney Spears shaved her head’.”

(Spears had been on a mental downward spiral for years when, in 2007, she famously walked into a Californian hair salon and gave herself a buzzcut.)

Still looking at the picture, Paul remarked on how well the mullet seemed to be maintained.

“He looks, from behind, like a Wella Woman,” he said.

So, we got Jamie on the phone to talk about his mullet. And we learned a couple of things:

- He treats it "pretty rough"

- He considers himself as merely a host to the mullet and refers to it in the third person.

Check out the video up top for the full chat with Jamie in all its glory.

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