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This Perth Video Shop Signs Up THIRTY New Members A WEEK

It kinda defies logic to find out that one video store in Perth is bucking any kind of Netflix or streaming trend by not just remaining open but.... thriving.

While most video shops have met their demise, Community Newspapers reported that Blockbuster Morley is growing at a rate of 30 new members per week.

Just let that sink in.

In fact, owners John and Lyn Borszeky told the paper that video shops were actually making a comeback in the US.

“But not as we know them now,” she said.

“They are smaller boutique stores which only focus on new releases and TV shows.”

Mrs Borszeky said they still believe they have a service to offer, especially when they see customers and staff chatting about movies, TV shows or their favourite actors and directors.

“Parents also like to bring in their kids as this is what they remember doing with their parents; it is very nostalgic for some of them,” she said.

Paul & Lise were completely taken with the story on Wednesday.

“I am gobsmacked,” Paul said.

“I can’t believe there is still a Blockbuster”

After picking up their jaws off the floor over the rate of members signing up to the store, Paul & Lise threw open the phones.

Straight away, Amanda from Embleton called in, saying she belonged to Blockbuster Morley.

“Last Saturday night was my anniversary,” she said.

“And my husband and I walked there, we had dinner first and then we walked to Blockbuster and we got out Wonder, it was fantastic.”

Jared from Greenwood agreed but for different reasons.

“If you want to watch something in true high definition and surround sound, the only way to get that is through a Blu Ray disc,” he said before adding that, for him, there was really no point in having an expensive sound system only to watch something through Foxtel.

“Same with Netflix,” he said.

“The only way to get that surround sound and display is through the Blu Ray disc.”

Check the video up top.

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