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This Step-Family Story Will Hit You Right In The Feels

This week, Lise was struck over a story she heard at Paul & Lise’s Long Lunch at The Brisbane Hotel on Friday.

It was about step-parenting, the men and women who have literally stepped up and into the role of being a parent to the child or children their partner had from a previous relationship.

Lise had been talking to 96FM listener Jaime (we refer to him as the Mullet Guy because of his lustrous mullet, check it out here)

“He had met his partner and she had two young kids, and he’s raised those children,” she said on Tuesday.

“And they’ve gone on to have three kids of their own.”

We took a string of calls, but one that stuck out was Rona.

On Monday, Rona said she met her now-husband Dan when he was a farmer raising three boys and she was the local school principal. More specifically, they met when Dan was called into the school after his boys had got into some trouble.

Thing is, Rona said that after they got together, Dan took on Rona’s son, whom she was raising single-handedly, as his own.

But Lise was keen to hear from Dan, particularly how he now feels about Rona’s son.

“Oh, he’s just a gem,” Dan said.

“He’s just a part of the furniture, a total gem”

Paul then asked Dan if he had been worried that he would end up favouring his own three boys over Rona’s son.

“No, not at all,” Dan said. “I had no favouritism.”

After finding out how “the little fella” felt about them and what he wanted, Dan said something that melted our hearts into a puddle of love.

“All he told me one day was ‘all I want is brothers and a dad’, and I said ‘well, you’ve got that now’.”

We’re not crying. You’re crying.

But don’t take our word for it – check out the vid up top

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