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This Super Blue Blood Moon Story Is All Of Us

Dubbed ‘the trifecta’, the moon put on a rare cosmic show as a super big and super bright red blue moon.

It's the first time in 35 years a blue moon has synced up with a supermoon and a total lunar eclipse, or blood moon because of its red hue.

96FM’s Paul and Lise first spoke to Nat after she called in the day before, completely amped about the lunar event.

Her enthusiasm alone was enough to get her back on to hear about how she and her kids went, especially that, along with Hawaii, Alaska and the Canadian Yukon, Western Australia was pretty much considered the front row seat for the cosmic show.

But maybe not in Southern River.

“It was pathetic,” she deadpanned.

“We just couldn’t get a good picture of it, it was hopeless.”

Lise was incredulous.

“What do you mean, Nat, you have a telescope!” she said.

Nat agreed.

“I know,” she lamented.

“…in the end I just had and I got some photos off Facebook.”

Paul and Lise lost it laughing.

“Are you going to claim them as your own?” asked Paul.

 “Yes…. I am,” she said.


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