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Tony Galati Gives Away A Galati Party

In the 1960s, when he wasn’t at school, a young Tony Galati spent much of his childhood helping out with the family’s market garden in Spearwood.

Fast-forward to 1998, Galati opened his first Spud Shed, which was literally a shed, at his farm in Baldivis.

Fast-forward again to today, he is now a legit Perth celebrity, affectionately known as Perth’s own ‘Spud King’.

Wearing his standard blue singlet, sleeveless button-down work shirt, (very) short Stubbies and steel cap boots, the great man himself dropped into the studio for a chat.

“We didn’t have a lot of machinery,” Galati told 96FM’s Paul & Lise, recalling those early days.

“Everything was done by hand and it was just sheer hard work.”

Galati smiled at being referred to as a local celebrity but didn’t say anything about it, almost playing it down without a word.

“You’ve made potatoes really cool,” Paul said.

“Well, potatoes are cool,” Galati deadpanned.

Lise then brought up the ‘Galati Party’ that was thrown in Bayswater in March. I mean, how could you not.

“What did you think when you first heard that someone was having a Tony Galati party?”

Galati said he was a bit shocked.

“I thought, oh well, I’ll go along, I was invited, and actually they were a good bunch of kids, eh”

Paul highlighted the fact that the partygoers were all dressed like him.

“When I was a kid you dressed up as Superman or Spider-Man and now kids are dressing up as Tony Galati!”

“Yeah, it was overwhelming, but they were all pretty good and all behaving themselves and having a really good time”

Galati had dropped into the studio to give away a Galati party of his own to a 96FM listener for WA Day.

Check out the vid up top.

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