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The Crazy Stuff Left Behind On Perth Buses And Trains

"If you’re carrying it, how on earth then, do you forget it?"

That’s the sentiment from the Public Transport Authority's David Hynes regarding the stuff found on Perth public transport.

On Thursday, Paul and Lise went through some of these things that had been left behind on some of our buses and trains.

Here’s just a shortlist of the odd stuff found over the past few months:

A stretcher bed

IKEA furniture

Prosthetic leg

Indoor dog toilet

Umbilical cord (watch the vid above for that story)

Gingerbread house kit




Beach tent

Street sign

Fishing rod

Child's car seat

Watermelon-shaped light

Pool cue

Hair regrowth treatment kit

Musical instruments

Art prints

Can of baked beans

A large manual trolley jack

However, it seems that some of our local Uber drivers aren’t immune either… check out the vid up top to hear what John from Como found… ooh boy.

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