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Luke Rockhold Has 'Made A Career Out Of Making People Ugly'

It’s been a long time coming for Perth, but after years of contention, this Sunday will see WA’s first ever UFC event.

The main event? Yoel Romero v Luke Rockhold, ranked #1 and #2 respectively.

And at this point, Rockhold told Paul & Lise that “he’s coming to kill me.”

While Rockhold, 33, admitted that “we’re taking people to the brink of death” during these bouts, Lise jumped in to ask the burning question…

“You’re a very attractive man, you’re an ex-model, we’ve heard, at any point in the octagon have you screamed ‘not my face, not my face’?”

“Umm, usually it’s them screaming ‘not my face, not my face’,” Rockhold deadpanned.

“I’ve made a career of making people ugly.”

The chat got a little on the awkward side when Lise brought up a trip Rockhold took to Thailand a few years ago.

“Where is this going?” Rockhold nervously asked.

“You went and saw some tigers,” Lise said

“… and you grabbed the tiger’s balls, apparently… did you do that for a dare or did you think it would be fun?”

Rockhold didn’t deny it, instead saying “[who] doesn’t like their balls fondled a little bit?”

Check out the full chat up top.

Tickets to UFC 221 are on sale now through Perth Arena, or pay-per-view on Foxtel’s Main Event channel.

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