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Why 'Uncle Buck' Is The Greatest Movie Of All Time

Step aside Shawshank Redemption, Jaws and Titanic… there is a new contender for the greatest movie of all time.

Uncle Buck.

On Monday, Paul made the compelling argument on why the 1989 John Candy classic is his number one:

- It’s a film anyone can watch

- It was made in the late 80s but it’s still relevant today

- Written and directed by John Hughes (the bloke behind The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink and 16 Candles)

- Exceptional soundtrack (Tone Loc's Wild Thing, anyone?)

- You can watch it with your grandmother or your kids “It’s a film about family”

- It’s a date night movie “it’s romance as well”

- It’s got Macaulay Culkin, before Home Alone.


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