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US Woman Goes Viral After Tweeting About Freo's Team Song

When LeAnn Malaschak was kicking back watching the last minutes of the Fremantle v St Kilda clash at her home in Kansas City, USA, she couldn’t have imagined that she was about to make headlines in Perth.

She told the story to Paul & Lise on Monday.

“I had just gotten up and I’m just lying there and watching TV, the game ends and I see normal, post-game celebratory things going on,” she said.

“And, all of a sudden, I hear this music and I think ‘what… what is this?’”

That’s when LeAnn started tweeting.

LeAnn then described Freo’s team song…

“I don’t want to say it was so bad it was good – but there was a certain amount of catchiness involved and I was just drawn to it,” she said.

It was when she saw the crowd singing along and the light show, it dawned on her: “I thought, ‘how come… how come my team doesn’t have a song like this?’”

“I follow soccer here in the United States and we have post-game celebrations, but they’re nothing like that.”

LeAnn told Paul & Lise she has already checked out Freo’s merch on their website

“I can’t go back now,” she said.

LeAnn admitted that from time-to-time her husband had watched AFL and followed GWS only because he had heard of the Gold Coast when NASCAR raced there.

After tweeting about he Dockers song, she said that about half of the responses she received on Twitter were other people sending her links to other team songs.

“They’re trying to lure me away”

LeAnn admitted that her husband had watch AFL for a long time and followed GWS only as he had only heard of the Gold Coast when NASCAR raced there.

By this time, Lise, a staunch Freo supporter, had heard enough.

“I want to get LeAnn a membership! LeAnn, I’m a Freo member, my kids are Freo members and I’m going to see if we can get you a Freo membership and you can be an honorary Kansas member”

Check out the video up top.

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