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WA Ministers Rack Up Fines... And Lise Admits To Her Own

It was revealed that group of WA ministers had attracted a bunch of infringements last year.

PerthNow reported that four ministers had accrued $1400 in speeding fines and 12 demerit points over a three-month period in 2017.

It reminded Lise that a few years ago, had a few fines racked up which went to the Fines Enforcement Agency which were paid off over years.

Lise was reluctant to say how much the exact figure was, so we opened the phones to find out what others have racked up, and Lise would comment if her amount was higher or lower – The Price Is Right-style.

John from Huntingdale admitted that his fines amounted to $1200.

“Higher,” Lise said, referring to her own.

Keith from Baldivis said he racked up about $8500.

“Lower,” Lise said.

John from South Perth said that when he was in Queensland he collected just short of $21,000.

“But I’ve got it down to $5200 now,” he said.

Lise said her fines added up to less than John’s remaining amount.

But Steve from York? Pretty sure all our eyes were watering after he told us his fine total.

Check out the video up top.

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