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‘WA Would Be A Great Place To Conceive A Child’

The WA government is lobbying hard for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to head west as part of the couple’s first official tour to Australia this year.

Harry and Meghan will be in the country for the Invictus Games in October and it’s understood that the state government is working to host the couple either before or after the event.

On Wednesday, Lise jogged Paul’s memory about the last time Haz was in Perth.

 “Did he go to the Village Bar?” Paul said.

“I remember he was eating a cream puff or something…”

“That was at the bakery in Bindoon… he had an éclair and they sold like 500 more than they normally would have, these particular éclairs,” Lise said before listing off a couple more places he visited, mostly involving food.

“And what are we pitching now to everyone who comes over here?”

Quokka selfies, naturally.

Paul said it was like the government was putting in a tender, which in a way, Lise said they are.

“Why is WA better than, say, South Australia… or Queensland?”

Paul added that Queensland would be too much of a “temptation” for Harry.

“You can’t just send him up to Cocktails and Dreams because he’s got to stay faithful to Meghan,” he said.

“You come to WA because it’s family-friendly… it would be a great place to conceive a child.”

Lise chimed in that they could be like Victoria and David Beckham, who named their son Brooklyn after they said he was conceived there.

“Armadale,” Paul deadpanned.

Check out the vid up top.  

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