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The Weird Names You Have Saved In Your Phone

It started with Brodie, a 19-year-old fella who came into 96FM to have a crack at Paul & Lise’s Perfect Pour on Wednesday.

Shortly after Brodie played, Paul & Lise got chatting with him off-air. It was at that moment Brodie got a call from his parents.

Thing is, we found out that Brodie’s parents weren’t listed in his phone contacts as ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’.

“Brodie, in his phone, has his mum, not under ‘Mum’ but as ‘Birth Giver’,” paul said.

“And he’s got ‘Dad’ in as ‘Sperm Donor’.”

Paul then remembered something about his own partner.

“I don’t have Melissa in as ‘Melissa’,” he said before giving a full explanation as to why she’s listed as – ahem – Miss October (Nice Boobs).

Paul & Lise then threw open the phones to see if they could add to the list.

Chris from Mosman Park had her 21-year-old daughter in her contacts as ‘Baby Bear’

Mandy from Tapping (a redhead) has her friend saved as "Ginger From Another Minger"

But it was Josh from Alexander Heights who completely cut us up with some of the names in his phone… check out the video up top.

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