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Sheppard's Stats, Before & After Meeting Scherri-Lee

The big news with West Coast is the sidelining of Jack Darling for at least a month after the forward suffered an ankle injury in Saturday night’s win over St Kilda.

The other big news is that, statistically speaking, Brad Sheppard is playing better footy now that he’s officially seeing former Miss Universe Australia and Nine News weather presenter, Scherri-Lee Biggs.

Behold the stats Paul collated…

Average possessions per game:

Before Scherri-Lee – 13.8

After Scherri-Lee – 18.8

Then Paul pulled up the Super Coach numbers.

“What really gets interesting,” he said. “In the 5 games prior to hooking up with Scherri-Lee Biggs, Brad Sheppard was averaging 69.8 Super Coach points… he’s up to 87.4”

“He’s clearly getting more touches than he was getting before. I gotta be careful how I say that,” he said.

Paul & Lise put it to Eagle Elliot Yeo on Wednesday morning during his regular segment.

Was Sheppard showing sheer skill and classic AFL tenacity?

“Umm, maybe he’s just trying to impress her,” Yeo said.

Paul suddenly looked up from his notebook.

“I didn’t think of that,” he said.

Yeo confirmed that Scherri-Lee has gone to “a fair few” games.

Chat then focussed around Jack Darling’s injury and, one of West Coast’s quiet achievers, Willie Rioli.

Rioli is the first West Coast player to start their career with a 10-game winning streak.

“He’s 8 wins away from the all-time record,” Paul said.

The overall record of 18 straight wins was set in 1929.

So, you know, no stress for Rioli or anything… but hey, here we are.

Check out the vid up top.

Imparting all my 27yo wisdom on this guy today. HBD @bradshep05 🎈

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