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96FM's Phones Nearly Melted Over These Kinds Of Movies

Paul has been obsessed with finding out more about a talking horse that was on the small screen in the 1950s.

No, no, no, not Mr Ed, we’re referring to Francis the Talking Mule.

Now, while it’s easy to pass Francis off as some weird off-brand version of Mr Ed, Paul is convinced that Francis actually preceded Mr Ed.

So, we opened up the phones to see if someone, anyone, remembered Francis.

Rob from Ellenbrook did.

“I remember watching it on the Saturday matinee with my old man, and he always stitched up his owner,” he told Paul & Lise.

Paul suddenly recalled the show.

“The owner would get him to talk, ‘c’mon Francis, say something’, and then he wouldn’t say something in front of people and people would leave and Francis would talk again!”

“Exactly,” Rob said.

“So good.”

“See? Rob still loves it,” said Paul.

Neil from Beaconsfield also called up about Francis.

“I remember it, it was a series of movies… one was called ‘Francis Joins The Navy’ and Clint Eastwood appeared in it.”

    While not everyone remembered Francis, we opened the phones to find out what listeners’ fave TV shows and movies involving animals were and we were INUNDATEDcheck out the video up top!


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