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West Coast's Elliot Yeo Recalls CRUCIAL Grand Final Moment

One thing is clear: West Coast midfielder Elliot Yeo is still 100 per cent basking in the afterglow of Saturday’s epic 5-point grand final win against Collingwood.

Wearing his deceivingly heavy premiership medal, Yeo spoke to Paul & Lise in a still-raspy voice worthy of its own 0055 number.

Yeo recalled some of the seemingly insignificant moments of the big game that actually turned out to be pretty damn significant.

One of which involved wingman Dom Sheed.

"The boys were saying pre-game Dom was having some shots on goal and he was in that pocket, and he nailed all of them," Yeo said before stressing it again.

“He was literally in a pretty similar spot and he was nailing all them.”

Lise asked, when Sheed kicked that goal, Lise asked if they knew exactly how much time they had left.

“We sort of knew,” Yeo said.

“When Chris took that mark, and he went in, and just before Gov took his mark, it felt like it there would’ve been like 30 seconds left.

“We were like ‘we gotta go, we gotta go fast’, so we just got the ball moving but we didn’t know there was like two-and-a-half, two minutes left.”

Paul & Lise were captivated as Yeo continued.

“So, when Dom kicked that goal, the runner came out and said there was about a minute-and-a-half left.”

Lise jumped in: “So the runner tells you?”

“Pretty much, yeah,” Yeo said.

Lise couldn’t get enough.

“But, what were you thinking when they said a minute-and-a-half still to go?”

Yeo laughed as he recalled Darling’s dropped mark near the goalsquare in the dying moments – which could’ve very well cost them the game.

"The boys were celebrating as JD's almost marked it," Yeo said.

"We thought, 'He'll take this and go back and kick it'. And then he fumbles it.

"We have a bit of a laugh about it now."

“Oh yeah,” Lise said.

“It’s funny… now.”

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