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Paul Watches Shrek Twice A Day And... Wait, What?

Imagine watching Shrek twice a day.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Paul’s life.

On Tuesday, Paul revealed that not only does he watch Shrek every day, but a couple of times day.

“Why?” Lise asked.

“Because it’s the only thing that settles the baby,” Paul said.

He went a step further by saying that he’s read a stack of ‘mummy blogs’ which often say the same thing – that there was something about Shrek.

The thing is, on a recent trip to Melbourne, Paul put Shrek on the laptop to calm his 5-month-old son who had been fussing.

“And the more I watched it, the more I realised that this movie wasn’t even appropriate for children,” he said.

“The film is filthy”

Paul then took Lise through a couple of clips that had him thinking twice about the big green ogre.

Check out the vid up top for the full story.

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