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What REALLY happened When Eagles Got Stuck In That Elevator

West Coast’s Elliot Yeo explained not just how he and his teammates got stuck in an elevator, but the moment when panic began to set in.

Yeo, Andrew Gaff, Jack Darling, Liam Ryan and Oscar Allen were just hours away from facing St Kilda when this photo was posted to social media:


Yeo said the group had just come from breakfast and were between the ground and first floor when the boys “jumped up” laughing over Darling not being about to hum ‘Devil Inside’ by INXS properly (guess you had to be there) when the lift suddenly stopped.

“From our own stupidity, we got caught in the lift.”

While their immediate reaction was that it was funny, Paul asked when the panic set in.

“Probably when we couldn’t open the doors,” Yeo said

“We were thinking ‘OK, this could be serious, we got to get someone to come out’.”

There was no real concern at that point that running out on the field would be an issue, but there was a decent wait of a half hour.

And what a half hour.

The reason the guys were on the floor of the lift? Because hot air rises.

Yes, we’re talking about farting.

“Poor old Ossie had to race back because he had to go to the toilet, he was not in good shape,” Yeo admitted.

Paul asked if at any point did it look like it could happen in the confines of the elevator.

“He had just bought some shoes down on Chapel Street and they’re shockers and we thought he was going to do it in them,” Yeo joked.

“It was gonna get real intimate.”

West Coast face Melbourne at Optus Stadium on Friday




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