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Glen Jakovich Tells Us What He Got Up To For Leavers

Well, for thousands of WA school leavers, it’s time to celebrate, but what about their parents?

For those who are quietly, or not so quietly, freaking out, perhaps it’s time to take a leaf out of West Coast Eagles’ legend Glen Jakovich.

Speaking to Paul & Lise on Monday, Jako seemed pretty calm explaining how his daughter was in Dunsborough for Leavers, but he did admit to having some anxiety.

“You’ve always got concerns,” he said. “But, as parents, you do your best… and you just tell them to behave themselves and make good decisions… it’s up to them now.”

Paul wasn’t having it, suggesting that Jako had “little spies” all over.

“I’ve got some intel,” Jako laughed.

After explaining how his daughter prepared for Leavers Week (at the beginning of the year, so organised), Lise directed the conversation back to the fear that some parents are currently facing.

“My fear I guess comes from what I remember us doing when we went to Leavers,” she said before asking Jako the inevitable.

Thing is, Jako didn't go on Leavers.

"I got drafted to the Eagles," he said.

"Hang on," Paul said. 

"You joined the Eagles in the '90s, I mean, that was a decade of Leavers, isn't that right Jako?"

His response?

"We found other ways"

Check out the video up top 


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