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LeCras' Most Recent Surgery Has Left Him With A Fat Face

He came in to talk about Rottnest Island’s Seafood Saturday, but West Coast’s Mark LeCras ended up getting a light roasting from Paul & Lise.

The recently-retired Eagle, keen fisherman and now ambassador of Seafood Saturday came into the studio on Thursday, and one of the things we noticed was that LeCras, still reasonably fresh from winning the 2018 premiership, seemed to already be, well, filling out a bit.

Thing is, since the grand final on September 29, LeCras has had three operations, including his wrist and a pterygium taken off his eye.

But it was his wisdom teeth being taken out that made his face look a bit, well, full.  

“I’ve got Xavier Ellis’ face and Matt Rosa’s body right now – the fat faces and the skinny bodies,” LeCras laughed.

“I figured the club’s paying for it, I might as well get it all done.”

The banter didn’t actually stop, so check out the video up top in case you missed it this morning.

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