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Elliot Yeo Is Low-Key Jealous Over The Pies' Private Jet

The West Coast Eagles clocked up their first win of the season against the Western Bulldogs at Etihad Stadium on Sunday.

At the siren, the scores were 9.16 (70) 18.13 (121).

Elliot Yeo told 96FM’s Paul & Lise he pulled up a “little bit sore, as per usual” despite copping a “nice little knee” from Easton Wood.

The big question was Josh Kennedy.

“The talk at the moment is that he’ll be back for the Suns’ game,” Yeo said.

“Hopefully everything goes well and he gets through this block of training.”

West Coast face off with Gold Coast in Round 4 at Optus Stadium.  

The other burning issue bubbling about during Breakfast was Geelong’s private jet.

“They’re flying in from Avalon, direct,” Lise said.

“They own a private jet?” asked Yeo.

“Yes!” said Lise before asking for his thoughts.

Let’s just say that Yeo was totally down for a private jet.

“It would be great because then you could have trainers and everything on there and players can move around a little more freely.”

But instead of running away with the Lotto life, Yeo brought it all back down to earth.

“Look, it doesn’t really matter come bouncedown.”

Yeo also spoke about his family and what kind of supporters they are.

He said that while his Dad was the kind of person who just put in his headphones and listened to the radio commentary, his mum was a different story.

“Mum just sits there stressed because she doesn’t want me getting hurt,” Yeo said.

“So, she’s just there pulling her eyebrows out or something because she’s stressed.”

Yeo did admit that his Dad was like his second coach, often letting him know how he went.

“How does Adam Simpson feel about that?” asked Paul.

Check out the vid up top for the full chat.

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