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What David Mundy Told His Kids After Gaff Incident

There was a lot to unpack with Fremantle’s David Mundy, just days after the sickening on-field incident which left his teammate with a broken jaw and displaced teeth.

“In my professional career - 15 years now - I’ve never seen anything like this,” he told Paul & Lise on Tuesday.

“In my AFL memory, I can probably only recall two or three in the league in my time in AFL football, of this severity… it’s completely out of the realm of what we expect.”

Docker Andrew Brayshaw will not play again this season, while Gaff was referred to the tribunal and now faces a season-ending suspension.

Mundy described how the incident played out on-field from his point of view, and how long it took for players to learn exactly what had occurred, which was as late as the next quarter-time break.

The chat then took a turn, particularly to Andrew Brayshaw and his family.

Mundy then spoke about what happened with his own children when he got home from the game on Sunday evening.

“When I got home after the game my five-year-old and three-year-old both came up to me and said ‘what happened to that boy, why did that man hit him?’” He said.

“Oh my God,” Paul said.

“And what did you say?” Lise asked.

“Well, obviously, we talk to them about hitting is naughty and you’re not allowed to hit and all that sort of stuff.”

The other burning question surrounded the following double clash against Gaff by Michael Johnson and Luke Ryan – was it a ‘message’ from the Dockers?

“Certainly not a direct message,” Mundy said before explaining how the team dynamic can be like a family.

“If something happens to one of us and the rest of us get a little off-side and want to stand up for ourselves and our teammates and our club, it’s probably a good lead-in to the discussion about red cards.”

Despite AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan remaining opposed to a send-off rule at the game's top level, Paul asked Mundy if it was time to bring in the red card - something that West Coast’s Elliot Yeo expressed interest in only last week on the show.

 “I would like it, yeah” Mundy said.

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