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What Paul's Nan Said About His New Tattoo Was Classic Nan

So, Paul revealed on Wednesday that he has a new tattoo.

In fact, he reckons he might have a bit of an obsession with getting them.

“I think those of us who do have tattoos understand what that obsession is,” Paul said.

Lise said that while he wasn’t quite David Beckham or Dane Swan in the tatt department, he wasn’t far off.

“What is it?” she asked, to which Paul said that while you’re getting it done, you can’t think about anything else.

“Is it a midlife crisis?” Lise offered.

“It is a complete midlife meltdown,” Paul admitted.

“I can’t afford a fancy car.”

He then described the tattoo he got… a fully sick red and black Darth Vader. 


(And no, it's not finished yet) 

But it’s what his Nan said about it that had us cracking up.

Check out the video up top

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