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What The Heck Happened To The Book Of Love?

Remember when The Book of Love in the paper used to be huge?

On Valentine’s Day, Paul and Lise were pumped about going through and reading out some of the dedications.

But they were both pretty disappointed.

“You’d check the Lisa’s and there would be like a page of Lisa’s or there’d be a page of Paul’s,” Paul said.

Lise instead referred to The Book of Love as more the Leaflet of Love.

“It’s just four pages,” she said.

It wasn’t just the volume of messages either.

It was what some of the messages actually said that concerned them.

“The first thing I saw, if you go to the S’s, you know, it’s the Book of Love, it’s meant to be love dedications to your partner or your husband or your wife… and it’s from Scenic Helicopters,” Lise said.

“So it’s a classified,” Paul deadpanned.

He then read out another ‘dedication’ from a marriage celebrant.

“Would that a pet name for someone? My little marriage celebrant? See? Another classified.”

Lise said that if it was they should shorten it as it was too long.

 “MC,” Paul said. “Oh, hang on, there is another one here for an MC at your wedding.”

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