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What You Didn’t See When Paul Tempted Lise With Her #1 Vice

On Friday’s ‘Weekly Wrap’ - which is fast turning into Friday’s ‘Weekly Roast of Lise’ - we were reminded of something that Paul brought up earlier in the week.

Lise’s addiction to condensed milk.

He emphasised the point with a super cut of what she said about the sickly-sweet stuff:

“If I see it, I’ll eat it, and I won’t stop eating it”

“I could suck down a whole tube right now”

“I would suck it right out of the tube”

“When I was little you used to get the cans of it, and get a spoon and spoon that [stuff] in my mouth”

“You can pull the tube out and suck on it”

“I used to have it on toast”

Lise had also admitted she hadn’t had condensed milk in about a decade.

So, on Friday, what did Paul do?

He brought in some condensed milk – in a tin and in a tube. Covering all bases.

“You gotta test yourself,” he said.

How did she go?

Check out the vid up top.

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