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What's The Tradie Etiquette When It Comes To Beer?

Lise painted the picture on Thursday morning: a tradie has been doing some plumbing work at her place (finally).

But she had a question of etiquette.

“If I bought him a 6-pack of beer, is that appropriate?”

“Or is a 6-pack rubbish? Would you buy him a carton of beer?”

Paul added to the conundrum by suggesting that in lieu of beer, she could add cash onto the final bill.

“I don’t feel comfortable doing that because we came to an arrangement regarding a quote,” Lise replied.

Then Paul dropped a clanger.

“Do you have the hots for him?”

Lise said that was her point, that because she didn’t have the hots for him, was it still appropriate for her to get her tradie some beer as a token of goodwill. And if so, does she get him a carton – or a 6-pack - or cash? 

So we opened the phones – check out the video up top

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