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Where Are The Best Public Toilets In Perth?

It seems there’s a weird curiosity when it comes to women and urinals.

Lise was kinda testament to that on Wednesday, when she recalled a conversation of Paul’s that she overheard.

“You were talking the other day about different kinds of urinals,” she said.  

“And that… splashback… was an issue?”

Paul indicated that Lise had, indeed, heard correctly.

“Yep, big time,” Paul said.

Lise continued, albeit carefully.

“So, when you go to different public toilets, sometimes you’ll find that some public toilets are better than others, in regard to the positioning of the splashback and also where you stand in relations to where others are in the toilet?”

Paul agreed: “That’s so true, yep, definitely.”

OK, so while most women have particular things they look for in a ‘good’ public toilet, it’s a bit of a revelation to learn what factors blokes look out for when deciding the “useability” of a public loo.

What do you look for in a ‘good’ public loo? Where are the best ones around Perth?

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