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Where The HECK Is Mike Nahan?

Despite local pollies ramping up their profiles in light of the Federal Election, the WA Opposition leader hasn’t made much of an appearance since mid-April.

Paul went as far as saying that, on a state level, Mike Nahan had gone missing.

Particularly when Prime Minister Scott Morrison was in WA only last week… where was Mike?

“One would think the first person to greet Mr Morrison, as he comes off the plane, waving his flag, would be Mike Nahan,” Lise said.

“But he was literally nowhere to be seen.”

Paul then listed off some of the places The West reported where Mike had been spotted.

April 12 – “He caught up with a charity boxer, I don’t know what that means, and went to Willetton Primary School”

April 18 – “This is true, he was seen buying hot cross buns … this is in the paper this morning”

April 26 – “He visited a charity boxer again, that’s twice in the space of a fortnight”

April 29 – “He visited Willetton Bridge Club… he’s just killing time”

May 3 – “He visited Willetton Primary School again”

Then Paul went a step further…

Check out the vid up top

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