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Why Plate ID Technology Is Going to SUCK For Retail Workers

Carillon City in the CBD could be up for some of the most sophisticated security technology we’ve ever seen.

The software the owner of Carillon is considering has the capability of predicting crime or trouble before it even happens.

This reminded Paul & Lise of some of the tech that’s already rolling out at Perth shopping centre car parks.

Instead of getting a parking ticket, the system records your car’s number plate.

However, Paul said he’s noticed that technology was already rolling out at his local shopping centre.

“I went to Carousel on the weekend and I used the car park at the food court entrance and they’ve started to install those,” he said on Monday.

“And so what’s the point of it?” Lise asked. “They take a picture of [the number plate] as you go in and they then know how long you’ve been in there.”

“Correct,” Paul said. “And if you’ve exceeded, I don’t know, about three hours usually, it’s on you to go and pay at a meter.”

“And what happens if you don’t pay?’ Lise asked.

“Well, maybe you get stuck at the boom gate, unless you stick your credit card in,” he said.

Then Lise brought up a very real point.

 “What’s going to happen is that you’re going to have staff that go during their breaks and move their cars all the time… you’re going to be constantly playing carousel with your car.”

Check out the video up top, we’d love to know your thoughts on this.   

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