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Why The WA Education Department Went IN Over Travel Industry

As we head into the Christmas holidays, taking kids out of school during the school term to go on holiday has been a hot topic.

the WA Education Department revealed that that 15,184 public school students in WA were reported as absent for six or more consecutive days of school without an acceptable reason – more than 7000 of those were listed as on holiday during the school term.

On Wednesday, Lise brought up the reality that many families face to the department’s Paul Matthews:

“Parents, for example, who have 3 children, might save $1000 or $1500 by taking their kids out a few days early to go on a beautiful family holiday… to spend time with mum, or mum and dad or the grandparents… wouldn’t that outweigh [taking them out early]?

His answer was not what we expected.

“Family time is really important, and cost is a huge consideration for a lot of people, my comment would be to twist this another way and actually look at the ways that travel companies and airlines out their prices up to 'coincide' with the school holiday times,” Mr Matthews said.

“It’s kind of like petrol stations put their prices up just before a long weekend – they’re certainly making the most of the opportunity.”

Paul & Lise also had a couple of calls from teachers who weighed in.

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