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Will Basil Zempilas Pull A Russell Crowe On The Falcons?

A blow-out in debts worth more than $600K has forced WA’s oldest footy club into voluntary administration, but could one Perthonality pull them back from collapse?

Despite the WA Football Commission propping up West Perth with a $250K loan, it’s only expected to keep them afloat for the rest of the season, The West Australian reported.

However, knowing the number 1 ticketholder was just next door to 96FM, Lise simply went over to find out - straight from the horse’s mouth - if Basil Zemplias had plans to pull a Russell Crowe and save his beloved Falcons.

“Are you going to bail them out financially?” Lise asked Zempilas, live to air on 6PR, which happens to be on the same floor as 96FM in East Perth.  

“There’s a bit of pressure on to do that, actually,” Zempilas replied to both Lise and his co-host, Steve Mills.

“They need six hundred-thou, can you just write them a cheque?” asked Lise.

Then Zempilas dropped the bombshell.

“I am going to help them, yes” he said.


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