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You Won't BELIEVE The Average Score For An AFLX Game

“Welcome to the revolution” was how West Coast Eagles legend Glen Jakovich introduced the concept of the AFL’s short-format competition to 96FM’s Paul and Lise.

Six clubs will be the guinea pigs for AFLX on Thursday night at Adelaide's Coopers Stadium.

Jako likened AFLX to the games you often see being played, usually by juniors, during halftime at full AFL matches.

“You’ll have 2 forwards, 3 mids, 2 backs. So, 7 on the field, 3 interchange,” he said.

Six games of 20 minutes each will be played on a field 110 metres long, before what has been dubbed a grand final between the two most successful teams.

“This is footy Big Bash,” Paul said, to which Jako agreed. 

“Obviously fast-paced, lots of goals?” asked Lise, not realising how much of an understatement that was.

Jako illustrated the point by using the results from recent trials held among VFL clubs.

“[The trials were held] for 40 minutes, so four 10-minute quarters,” he said.

“The average score was 261 points.”

Mic drop.

Check out the vid up top for the full story.

After the Adelaide debut on Thursday night, AFLX round-robin tournaments will be played in Melbourne on Friday night and Sydney on Saturday night.

Click here for fixture info.

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