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Zingers, Lycett & On-Field Yaps: Elliot Yeo Spills The Tea

The qualifying final between West Coast and Collingwood at Optus Stadium may still be a few days away, but there was plenty of ribbing in the 96FM studio on Wednesday morning.

Elliot Yeo dropped in for his usual chat, and the banter between the Eagle and one of Collingwood’s biggest fans, Paul, started almost immediately.

Paul of course was wearing everything conceivably Pies – tracky pants and T-shirt, and popping the collar of his Collingwood jacket at Yeo.

“He’s got all of it,” Lise observed.

“Dyed his hair white too,” Yeo zinged.

Because of that, Paul jumped straight into the topic of Scott Lycett and the continued speculation swirling around his future.

“Did you not treat Lycett well enough?” he said.

“Obviously not, nah,” Yeo said. “I think it’s one of those things where we’ll probably find out once the season’s finished.”

Lise straight-up asked “find out what?” to which Yeo said whether Lycett will stay or go.

Reports had emerged earlier in the week that Lycett has decided on a move to Port Adelaide next year as a restricted free agent at the end of the season.

“The mail is he’s goneski,” Paul continued. “I fear for Scott Lycett because Collingwood have players like Levi Greenwood that love to have a little yap on the field… do you think it’ll be mentioned at some stage on Saturday night?”

Yeo played it down, saying that he didn’t think it would, but “you never know”.

“Certain teams might think it might get to him… I don’t think it will, I can’t see it putting him off at all.”

Paul asked Yeo if he’s ever had a yap out on the field during a game.

Yeo said that sometimes he did but that the game usually moved too fast.

“Generally, you’re just too puffed, or the umpire throws up the ball pretty fast, you don’t really have much time to sort of have a bit of a yap.”

There were some footy players that got off on having a yap.

Paul said that former Western Bulldog’s player Jason Akermanis once told him how much he loved it.

“He claimed that Collingwood grand final where he destroyed the Pies when he was playing for Brisbane, the reason was that they all decided to get in on him that day and suddenly, you know, he’s the superstar.”

Yeo said it was dependant on the player, also admitting that it would probably spur him on.

Lise said it would probably spur on Docker Hayden Ballantyne.

“He’d eat it up,” she said.

Yeo said that Ballantyne was probably a good example, as was Selwood.

Paul chimed in, saying that probably the way to put Ballantyne off was to ignore him.

Thing is, we were surprised to hear who does like to throw a few comments around.

Yeo said Sam Mitchell didn’t mind doing it.

“Gee, I didn’t expect that,” Paul said.

Yeo said that last year there were a fair few comments being thrown around which were pretty funny.

“[Mitchell] was pretty quick to come back.”

Lise turned the conversation around by asking who most needed a hug.

“He’ll probably hate me for saying this,” Yeo said.

“But probably Gaffy.”

Check out our fave zingers from the chat in the vid up top 

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