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Lawn Doctor and Superior Lawns


With decades of experience in the turf industry, Lawn Doctor Turf Shop and Superior Lawns Australia grow a range of different lawn varieties and can supply turf for all job types. From small courtyards to large public open spaces, we’ve got you covered.

We understand that a lush green lawn is a big part of what we call home. That’s why we make every effort to deliver superior mature varieties of roll on turf at the most affordable prices. All of our lawn varieties are sold per square metre, so you can be certain you are receiving superior products at competitive prices.

Superior Lawns Australia and Lawn Doctor Turf Shop exclusively grows Eureka Kikuyu as well as TifTuf, Sir Grange, Velvetene, Nullarbor Couch and DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo lawns so you can be certain to find the perfect lawn for your area and budget.  

As part of the wider Lawn Solutions Australia team, all turf supplied by Lawn Doctor Turf Shop and Superior Lawns is backed by a 10 year product warranty with full AusGAP accreditation which gives you the peace of mind that your lawn adheres to a strict set of quality standards, ensuring your money is being spent on the best quality turf in the industry; guaranteed weed free.

Contact us today for a free quote:

Lawn Doctor Turf Shop – (08) 9306 1788

Superior Lawns Australia – (08) 9303 2627



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