Christmas is a special time of year. The days leading up to it, during it, and after it hold different meanings and annual traditions for everyone.

But… Christmas can come with its own stress. Things to organise! Things to buy! Things to cater!

So, what if we could take all that stress away… and leave you just to enjoy the time?

What if we could change your Christmas with $10,000 from HomeStart.

Yours to spend, yours to keep, your to donate or share.

Yours to do whatever you like with.

We’ve got $40,000 to change four Christmases over four weeks.

It’s 96FM’s $10,000 Christmas from HomeStart.

Just call 13 10 65 when we tell you, and you’ll have six minutes to get on the list to win.

Christmas might get you excited… but paying rent? Not so much. Let HomeStart pay your rent for a whole year. Visit to enter!

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