Where will you go?

Are you a warm weather holiday person, or a cold weather holiday person? Or are you just happy to getaway?

We’ve got two trips for you to choose from:

  • HOT

    Tahiti, French Polynesia

    The picturesque part of French Polynesia where the temperature is always warm and the humidity is always high.

    While you get away from all your stresses, the longest walk you’re going to have to contemplate is from your room, to your sun lounger, where a cocktail awaits.


  • Or

    Nagano, Japan

    You could be getting out the big jacket and the thermals, and hitting the snowfields in Nagano, Japan.

    Look forward to minus 5 degrees… and soft, white snow as far as the eye can see. Plus you’ll get a few nights in Tokyo on the way.


All you need to do win is call 13 10 65 when we tell you, and make your choice.

Choose carefully, we’re giving both holidays away to two people in Perth.

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