It’s 96FM’s Real Music Road Trip for HomeStart

You and a friend will begin in Las Vegas, where you’ll see Robbie Williams live in concert.

You’ll laugh in the audience of Jerry Seinfeld before you hit the road.

Pick a Ford Mustang & drive along Route 66 in a guided tour from Vegas all the way to Chicago, where you’ll see The Grand Canyon, Seligman, Acoma Sky City, The Petrified Forest, Cadillac Ranch and more…

Then we’ll fly you to Los Angeles to see the Eagles play Hotel California, in its entirety.

Plus, you’ll have $10,000 spending money

Just call 13 10 65 when we tell you, to get on the standby list, and you could be on your way to the US.

While you’re cruising the US, you could be getting started on your new home with HomeStart, they are the first homebuyer specialists.

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