Solve this crossword for a chance to win $50,000.

How to Play

  1. Collect the clues. Listen to 96FM on your radio, or on iHeartRadio and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.
  2. Download and print the practise grid if you’d like to work offline, to keep track of our clues and your answers.
  3. Solve the words. Remember, every answer has something to do with Real Music or 96FM.
  4. When you’re ready to play for real, or to check your answers, fill in the online grid below. You can have as many goes as you want! It will turn lines red and green to help you know if they’re correct or incorrect.
  5. Once you’ve successfully completed Rockwords, you’ll be asked for your mobile number and be entered into the draw to win $50,000 from Air Roofing.

While you’re working out your Rockwords, Air will have you covered. Literally. They’re Perth’s re-roofing and building experts for more than 20 years.

Terms & Conditions

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