Unless the thought of spending the best part of a couple of hours being extremely uncomfortable is your thing, deciding to watch these movies with your parents would be a living nightmare.

This is your warning. 

We mean it. 

Basic Instinct

If you know anything about pop culture, you’ll know something about ‘that’ scene.

Boogie Nights


Indie film classic by P.T. Anderson set in the adult film industry of the 70s and 80s. It’s fricken brilliant so don’t ruin it by watching it with your folks. 

Gone Girl

OK, so there’s a good chance ya mum read the book.

But, here’s the thing: when three key scenes come on – you’ll know them immediately – clutch your stomach and run to the loo. Give yourself about 6 minutes, wet your brow with some water and emerge looking relieved.  Or better yet, just don’t watch it with her, or dad.


50 Shades Of Grey

Again, your mum may have been into the books but geez, don’t inflict this kind of masochism on yourself by actually watching it with her. Avoid.

Mulholland Drive

Speaking of kinky, this is a David Lynch movie. And it’s really weird. You’ve been warned.


Wolf of Wall Street

Sex, drugs, booze, sex, hookers, drugs, sex. It’s a great movie but for the love of baby cheeses, leave your folks well out of it.

Love And Other Drugs

This is really just Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenahaal going at it the entire time.


Black Swan

Oooh, you should be home free with  a film about the fine art of ballet, right? WRONG. This movie is pretty heckin’ dark but, don’t forget, there’s some pretty hot girl-on-girl action here, oh and some masturbation.

Sausage Party

Don’t make the mistake a bunch of parents did when this came out at the movies and took their kids. Just because it’s a cartoon doesn’t mean its family entertainment – and we’re talking the whole spectrum of the family – don’t let your kiddos watch it and don’t watch it with your parents.



What was supposed to be Lindsay Lohan’s big comeback movie ended up being a sex romp co-starring a male porn star. No thanks on a few levels and that’s not even with my parents.

Magic Mike

Not gonna lie, I loved this movie (and the sequel is pretty good too) but I think I would love it a whole lot less if I had watched it with my parents. Mortifying.



OK, even your parents know not to watch this 80s rauch-fest with you, unless they get it horrifically mixed-up with something like Babe or something, I dunno.


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