The Civil Aviation Safety Authority has banned all flights in and out of Australia that are operated on a Boeing 737 Max.

It comes after 157 people died on a 737 Max Ethiopian Airlines flight shortly after takeoff on Sunday morning.

It follows another 737 Max crash in October last year, which killed 189 passengers.

In a statement, CASA said that no Australia airlines had any of the planes in use but two international carriers had 737 MAX routes to Australia. Of the two, SilkAir had already suspended flights with the aircraft, leaving Fiji Airways the only carrier affected.

CASA CEO and director of aviation safety Shane Carmody said that, in light of the two recent fatal crashes, the decision was in the best interests of safety:

”This is a temporary suspension while we wait for more information to review the safety risks of continued operations of the Boeing 737 MAX to and from Australia. CASA regrets any inconvenience to passengers but believes it is important to always put safety first.”