Merlin is a White Pekin duck who’s been born with a disability that’s left him unable to walk. 

(We know that’s a grim way to start but it gets more ‘feel good-y‘, we swear!)

In November 2018 he was adopted by an animal rescue service after being found immobile in a New Jersey park

Although the rescue shelter, Goats of Anarchy Sanctuary, primarily cares for (you guessed it) goats – they couldn’t help but take up Merlin’s cause. 

Eventually, they found a company that makes wheelchairs for handicapped animals and approached them to make their first ever version for a duck. 

They re-jigged a mini wheelchair used by cats and rabbits for the little fella, fitted it to Merlin and miraculously got him walking.  

“Watching Merlin take his first steps was really cool,” said Mikayla Feehan, who works for the company.

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